About Us

Gabilan Ranch is a working cattle ranch currently owned and operated as Gabilan Cattle Company by three generations of the Reeves, Baldocchi, and Boyle families. Our stewardship of the land began when Rollin and Arline Reeves purchased the ranch in 1929.

Dr. and Mrs. Rollin Reeves & Family

Gabilan Ranch: historical 4 0f 4
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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Gabilan Cattle Company to preserve and enhance our family heritage by jointly owning and operating the ranch as a family business. We shall manage the ranch in such a manner as to protect and improve natural resources, wildlife habitat, and scenic beauty, as well as provide a setting for rest, recreation and continued learning for all. To support these desires, the Gabilan Cattle Company will run an efficient cattle operation with emphasis on creativity, sound management and family involvement.


Our Family

the Reeves, Baldocchi and Boyle families

Gabilan Ranch - Family Photo

Front Row (left-to-right): Pat Pierce, Bill Reeves, Marilyn Baldocchi, Don Baldocchi.  Second Row: Don Baldocchi, Julie Baldocchi, Anna Reeves, Lauren Boyle, Kelly Boyle, Patrick Reeves, Mike Reeves.  Third Row: Chase Baldocchi, Summer Reeves, Billy Reeves, Laura Reeves, Brook Latham, Darrell Boyle, Brett Reeves, Sky Reeves, Will Baldocchi, Raquel Baldocchi, Alex Reyes, Cara Boyle, Conor Boyle.  Missing from photo: Cindy Reeves, Dylan Boyle.